The winning team – revelation of true heroes!

the winning team

With a whole bunch of rugby fans worshipping Coyle as hero of the match, Coyle in heights of modesty sharing the credit with his entire team, it all was epic when the Hawks emerged as champions. It was a moment for Hawks fans. Not because of how the players played alone, but they were lucky enough to witness excellent camaraderie on the field. It was almost the same kind of experience for all the Oldham fans as well. They saw the super defensive play by their favourites and the aggression with which each and every single player worked for the team!

Young Danny of the Hunslet Hawks showed some splendid shots and also hid judgement as a player was splendid to watch! When the scores were almost locked at 16-16, Danny overcoming his temptations let Coyle handle the situation and it led the team to a dramatic victory. And Coyle was nothing but praises and accolades for Danny and Hoody although he was part of the winning goal.

The team as a whole showed genuine fighting spirit and every goal got them close to a tremendous victory. The players were responsible when they put their team’s victory ahead of everything else in the field. Also Headingley is one of the best places for these leagues. Huge spaces for fans to gather around the outside as well.
Oldham really played their part well. They really pushed it hard till the end of the match. It was their perfect defence that made Danny take the call of letting Coyle make the finishing the best way ever. Not to forget the referees, who did a fabulous job. We could see some players whining at the decisions made, still all good at the end of the day. At the end of the day, this rugby league was just awesome enough for every hardcore rugby fan whichever team he supported.
For all those Oldham fans, all we’ve got is sympathy for you mates. We know in eight years they’ve lost six grand finals. This game was the nastiest of all. I cannot forget the glorious drop goal of Coyle, which just sealed the victory for Hunslets making the defence of Oldham players a mere trash! Oh yeah here goes the score details – For Hunslet, McHugh scores two whooping goals and Haughey, another two.; For Oldham, Ashe scores three and Fogerty two more. And the match was refereed by C.Halloran. Hunslet players – Kain; Mark, McHugh, Clayton, Oakes; Grimshaw, P March; Sullivan, Chapman, Houston, Kelly, Haughey, D March. Subs: Woodcock, Firm, Lowe, Wabo
Oldham players: O’Connor; Onyango, Littler, Fogerty, St Hilaire; N Roden, Ashe; Boults, M Roden, Ellison, Clarke, Chandler, Heaton. Subs: Whitmore, Saqib, Kerr, Mellor.

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  1. Joey

    Loved every moment of the game. Looking forward to watching the next season. Danny and Hoody are the best. Referees missed a few forward passes which were not ignored by the audience. And yeah Headingley is by far a neat place for such games!

  2. Matt

    I thought the referees were good and the players were on par to the super league players.

  3. Derek

    Not so happy about Headingley. It is not definitely my top favourite.

  4. Sandy

    Oh it was an absolutely amazing game. With all its bad reputation for losing, the Hawms proved their worth in this game. Every bit of it was entertainment that i have not seen even in super leagues. Way to go Hunslet hawks!