The director of Rugby

darren williams

Darren has been a Hunslet supporter since he knew of Rugby. He was appointed as the director of rugby in 2013 and has been running the everyday operations of the club successfully ever after.

He has had a terrific carrier as payroll administrator and as pre press operator but he never seized to be a rugby fan. When he found his job monotonous and could not stand the redundancy any more all he could think of was participating in the day to day chores of the club. Oh what better could you expect from a lifelong Hunslet supporter. He volunteered for various roles, you name it and he had done at least a part of it starting right from kit man.

Not to forget that he was the brain child of HISSA Squadbuilder organisation, that which was extremely successful. He has been quite involved with the game and has complete knowledge of the players of championship league. He has always been quick in roping in players for the time when in need. He is very quick in finding out the availability of the players and has a unique flair for identifying the right people for the team. Post his appointment as director of rugby, he has been instrumental in choosing great players and signing a contract with them as and when their availability status is confirmed.

Darren lives here in Hunslet with Dawn, his long term fiancée. You could always see her as well volunteering and working at the office on match days. Since 2013, there have been crucial situations which were handled well by the director. At the time when injuries in team were mounting and the team was short of players, he with his contacts all over the place was able to rope in players for games.

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  1. Dave

    Yeah agree that one! He has built up contacts all over and looks like no player can say no to him.

  2. Liz Charlie

    Known Dawn for a long time now, the couple are devoted to Hunslet and the club. I have seen her working at the club on so many days assisting Darren!

  3. Carl Davidson:

    Don’t know much about his contacts, but yeah the team has never been short of players’ ever since! That could be because of Eaton’s reputation as a coach.