Squad numbers divulged for the 2014 games

hunslet hawks

There was a wave of excitement across all the fans when the squad numbers of Hunslet Hawks were revealed. I could bet that every Hawk fan was eagerly waiting for this minute to know the positions in which the teams would be playing. Every year when the squad numbers are revealed a surprise awaits every fan with positions running up and down for different players. Although the reason for shuffling is not discussed in any of the official sites, the fans have their own versions of reasoning piping hot through their head.

2014 is going to be a great year ahead for the players and the fans alike. The Club Captain David March moves from 13 to 9, surprisingly, Danny Grimshaw moves from 6 to 13. The Coyle brothers take 6 & 7 positions with Danny Maun taking the number 4 shirt. STUART KAIN will be taking 1 and JIMMY WATSON taking second respectively along with LEE BRICKWOOD who will take shirt number 3. With DANNY MAUN taking number 4 and LEE MAPALS taking number 5, we also have DAVID MARCH at 9 and JAMES HOUSTON at 10 respectively. This year then MICHAEL HALEY will be positioned at number 8. That was the first 10 positions of the squad revealed for Hunslet Hawks.

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