So how did the losing team do?

hawks team in finals

All through the match, every Hawks fan was kept entertained to the ultimate core. Oh what an ending to the super match, and the later part just kept people at their seat corners. The modest Colyle who insisted that his fellow team mates did outperform him, was undoubtedly the man of the game! The game had everything, togetherness, drama, emotion and above all so much of spirit which could not be missed by a true fan.

Although in denial to the promotion of super league, this level of elevation is such a warm welcome to the team. This type of victory will be rated very critical in long term. Oldham did show some splendid performance as well but nothing to take away from the Hawks!

Until the last and final quarter, till tiredness and fatigue took over, Oldhams did show a defensive spirit. There were errors and penalties which were results of blunders and followed successively. No one, not even Hawks fans could deny that they played together until the very end. The team worked for one another showing beautiful team spirit. But for their silly penalties, they could have scored much higher. Their defensive spell was too weak with too many mistakes leading to their downfall.

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