Reunion and Dinner for all former players? ( Nov 2014)

former players

Coming November, there is news that a grand event is to be organized by the club. It will be an event that will be almost a benchmark for every other team who would like to see camaraderie among the team and its former players. One all these former players would definitely extend their support to the existing team which would definitely boost the team and its performance. Hunslet club and its director have been overwhelming with ideas to bring in the support of former players and supporters through various ways now. We all knew about the season ticket for all the league games being offered at discounted rates for former players. Now this is another feather onto their cap.

A buffet dinner and reunion will be hosted at the Phoenix suite for the former players of Hunslet, all those ex-staff of Hunslet and importantly former coaches of the Hawks. This idea will definitely give a chance for the current players and team to get an insight from all these former Hunsleters. They have been a part of the game at some point of time and their views and understanding of the game could be entirely different from what the players have now, which could create a positive ripple in the team encouraging the players to come out of their comfort zone and do something out of the box.

This is not the first time that a Hunslet fan has come across the club trying to grab the attention of former players and supporters. There have been occasions where the season tickets for the netire league games were provided in discounted rate for all the former players and supporters, and all that were asked in return was encouragement to the current team and their support during the games. These strategies tend to boost up the morale of the players and push them towards a better game. The news is that there are ideas to form an association for all the ex-players of Hunslet. This proposal would be further discussed during the reunion.

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  1. Roger

    Good for the team. This way there will be better contacts among the team.

  2. Dan

    I don’t believe in reunions as such. We just have to wait and see what changes it brings towards the game.