One mighty Acquisition for Hawks! 2014

newly appointed player

James Feather, of Keighley Cougars fame has been roped to join the mighty Hunslet Hawks; the contract has been signed for a full one year. One impressive thing to be noted is that Feather has completed about ten years of service with the Cougars. He has scored almost 8 (eight) tries among his eighteen appearances. The Cougars have even awarded a testimonial for the services he has been offering to the team.

It was quoted by the player that he was really anticipating great games under coach Barry Eaton and is looking forward to the championship games. It is no news that Coach Barry Eaton has already known Feather for long and the relationship between coach and player has been really good and this link up is sure to be a success.

Director Darren Williams is all happy about this tie up and believes Feather will work well under the coach and with the team. He was quoted saying it was really hard to rope in the player as he was not too eager to leave his home-town club. He was an asset to his team and admired by others; they had even credited him with a testimonial. Now that he has signed a 1-year contract with us, all we are looking forward is for great games. Another interesting fact is Feather already knows Eaton and hence we are looking forward to some challenging season now all with the new structure under a mentoring coach.

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  1. Luvrugbyhawks

    Cougars buster joining the Hawks is great news, but one just has to wait and watch how he settles with the new team. I would not have my hopes high as he has been playing with his home team for over a decade and was too comfortable with the Cougars.

  2. MonteCalrs

    Feather, Cougars homeboy in Hawks? Surprising!