New arrival into Hunslet – Brad Brennen (Nov 2014)

a new arrival to hunslet hawks

The director of rugby, Darren has confirmed that Brad Brennen from Batley bulldog will be joining us for a year. The former warrington wolves player had and impressive start as Bulldog. We Hunslet fans were always feeling a bit low about our middle side. However with this new recruitment for the middle, we are looking for some better games now. We fans are actually impressed with the director and his uncanny eye for detail.

Brennen is however very young, just 21, and has got so many games under his belt. Its in the air that he had been approached by so many other clubs as well. With so many other teams showing interest on him and he choosing to play for the Hunslet really make it look special for us. With his size in the middle, it would definitely bring some aggression into the team at the middle level. He is currently based in Lancashire and has agreed to travel to South Leeds. Now that is pleasing news right after what we have heard about the Coyle brothers and Feather? This is sure to lighten up the spirits of all fans who are looking for great games ahead in future.

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