How the players keep fit

workoutWe managed to get some insight recently about the players training regime’s and general things they go through to keep in top shape for the games. Not surprisingly they do have to put a lot of effort in to achieve this and it’s not just about putting the time in during training and at the gym but also about diet.

What’s the preferred fitness equipment?

Unsurprisingly the players like to get a lot of cardio done so many tend to use the treadmill but perhaps the fitness equipment of choice is the rowing machine. This is because they not only get the heart rate up but they also work pretty much the whole body including the leg muscles. With the best rowing machines like those at CalmWatersRowing you can get such a fantastic workout compared with other fitness equipment and they can really take a beating.

Obviously the players also do plenty of weight training to keep strong, free weights are a popular choice to work the core. Then you have the leg press and and other things like the kettle bell. All of these get used on a regular basis. Of course the bulk of time is spent on the pitch which is a big workout in itself.

What else is important?

Along with a tough fitness regime the players have to be pretty strict with their diet but not as much as you might expect. They have to consume a lot of calories to keep strong but they try to do with healthy foods mostly. Just like any athlete, on the days of intense training there is a lot of carbs being consumed like pasta and rice. Aside from that the cook makes sure they are getting plenty of protein and vegetables to feed the muscle tissue.