How Massage Chairs Can Help Rugby Players Recover From A Tough Game

How Massage Chairs Can Help Rugby Players Recover From A Tough Game

Simply put, rugby is an intense game.  Blowing football, soccer, and a myriad of other sports out of the water with the intensity and constant action that go into every game, nearly 1 out of every 4 rugby players will injure themselves during the season.  These injuries often require medical attention and include longer recovery times as a result.  In particular, adults between the ages of 25 to 34 years old are the most likely to be injured with the highest possible risk.

Popular among men and women alike, rugby is an intense experience on your body requiring incredible endurance, strength, and willpower.  That being said, a great way to recover from these injuries is in fact a massage chair.  How can a massage chair help rugby players recover from a tough game?  Lets take a moment to find out.

Recovery From Injury

As stated above, rugby is a sport that invites injury.  More often then not, injuries occur with increased frequency during a match, with nearly 57% more.  With the majority of these occuring when a player is tackled, the frequent and repeated impact on the back, lower back, and upper legs can take its toll, bruising and even damaging key muscles.  Even with the best tackling techniques, defensive moves, and proactive strategies, injuries are still bound to happen. Just because it is an accepted part of the sport doesn’t mean the recovery has to be painful or extensive.

If a rugby player is recovering from an injury while still playing, then pre and post game preparation along with luck will be required to keep them in the game. A massage chair can help provide support by making it easier by allowing you to relax and allow the chair to slowly massage your muscles.  Freeing up lactic acid and aiding in the speed in which you recover, the massage chair is a fun way to sit back and enjoy the experience of recuperation.

Everyday Recovery

Did you know that around 40% of all rugby related injuries relate to the muscle strains and contortions?  While these may not fully manifest into injury after a game, they can become incredibly worn out.  A massage chair is perfect for this.  After showering and drying off, sitting in a massage chair for 10 to 20 minutes can help to relax all the muscles in your back and thighs, reducing potential injury caused by prolonged tension. In addition, they feel fantastic and are great for calming down and relaxing after all the excitement and intensity earlier in the day. A part of pre and post game recovery, a massage chair can provide another way to loosen up your body and help speed up the recovery process.

Is A Massage Chair For Post Rugby Matches Worth It?

In the end, it all comes down to your personal preference. A massage chair can be a luxury, providing relief and comfort both after a game and whenever you feel like it.  In addition to finding one that specifically targets problem spots on your body, you can also rely on it to be there at the end of your day. While the initial cost may seem prohibitive, remember how much joy you will get from it after every match. In addition to the health and recuperation benefits, there is just nothing like sitting back, relaxing, and letting the chair do the work.  So, instead of shelling out the money for repeated massage sessions, consider paying a little more just once and getting this unique rugby-healing tool.

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