Good bye Coyle Brothers! (oct 2014)

coyle brothers

One of the reasons i love the Hunslet hawks is not because i belong here. I love the team for its very different players and how well they come together as a team. A Couple of my very few favourites in the team are the Coyle brothers. Have always admired their maturity as players and how well they handle their goals and shots. The brothers have always fascinated me with their team spirit and how well they bind into the team. The Grand final championship match proved that

Coyle was one of the best Hunslet has seen ever so far.
The Grand final game was a treat to watch, how the HUnslet and Oldhams played beautifully not letting go of the defences each their own way. The final winning drop goal which was pulled off by Coyle spectacularly will be remembered by every rugby fan for another decade at the least. The official news from the director of rugby, Hunslet, has confirmed that the Coyle brothers will be leaving Hunslet for good.

Apparantly, James has been offered a position of coach and he definitely wanted to explore that avenue. He was on contract with Hunslet until 2015 nevertheless he wanted to try his hand at coaching. So he would not be a part of the games any further. Following this news, Thomas also wanted to move out to the same club along with his brother. Darren was little apprehensive about this, not wanting to lose two real good players at the same time. Still determined not to keep a player who is not devoted to the team, the director also released Thomas. They have mutually agreed on a compensation package and release.

It has been a down time for the club, with some main players injured and others opting for a release. Darren confirmed that Danny Grimshaw & Danny Ansell are still under contract. Currently they are checking for players availability and would definitely try and rope in better players for the team.

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  1. Gibson

    Oh not the Coyle brothers! They were a real asset to the team! I still cannot forget Thomas’s drop goal which won us the match for us. What an awesome goal at the crucial time. There are little players who could pull such shorts.

  2. Aks

    History repeats itself with settled players in the team moving out for better opportunities. This has happened before and the team has come out and won games post that. We should wait and watch for the new recruitments. There might be better players around.

  3. Victor

    I can’t believe some best are leaving the club for good. Always sort of known this was temporary – the win against Oldham and stuff! Now we have to sit and watch games with all new players except for a couple here and there. Not looking forward to such settling in games.