Epic championship!

epic championship

At Headingley, the crucial drop goal was scored in the golden point extra time, post 6 minutes. It came as the best surprise ever after Liam Hood run ended by Tyson, George. Oldham player somehow kept the Hawks away from a jaw-dropping goal. There was a period of time in the game when one could not judge towards which team was victory more likely to glide. The 16-16 part of the game where the super player Danny’s judgement was crucial towards the games victory was the most critical point of the game. He passed it on to Coyle which turned the table, and Coyle was just too happy about the game having dramatic twists and turns. I just have to admit that this game was way more than dramatic than any other and kept every fan glued until the end.

Danny could have repeated his previous stunt, but the biggest and i would call it wisest decision of the year was to pass it on for a drop goal from Coyle. The Drop goal was mastered beautifully and the Hawks emerged triumphant! Coyle would definitely have this goal cherished all through his life. Oh what a goal it was and what sportsmanship from young Danny!

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  1. Lav

    Oh Coyle was absolutely fantastic! One cannot forget how the goal just sailed through! It was unbelievable for a non super league match!