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Can a Person with Plantar Fasciitis Play Rugby?

Plantar fasciitis is a source of heel pain. People suffering from this problem could barely walk. There is a strained ligament between the heel bone and toes. As a result, those who suffer from

How are Rugby Pitches Maintained?

What could be better than sitting back on a Saturday to watch your favorite rugby teams muscle it out on the field? There are very few other sports that offer the same high energy

How Massage Chairs Can Help Rugby Players Recover From A Tough Game

Simply put, rugby is an intense game.  Blowing football, soccer, and a myriad of other sports out of the water with the intensity and constant action that go into every game, nearly 1 out

What Gym Equipment Do Rugby Players Use to Keep in Shape?

Getting into condition to play rugby is very different than getting ready for other intensive sports such as soccer. Conditioning is done both mentally and physically, and there are a number of

How Drones Offer a Unique View at Sporting Events

Out with the blimp, in with the drone.  Remember when viewers were awed by aerial shots of football games from a big floating blimp? Back then, the bird’s eye view gave the audience a

How the players keep fit

We managed to get some insight recently about the players training regime’s and general things they go through to keep in top shape for the games. Not surprisingly they do have to put

One mighty Acquisition for Hawks! 2014

James Feather, of Keighley Cougars fame has been roped to join the mighty Hunslet Hawks; the contract has been signed for a full one year. One impressive thing to be noted is that

All new structure for Hawks? 2014

Simon Brown, the half back specialist from Halifax has been roped in to play for Hunslet Hawks. The intriguing fact about him is that he has not had a great track record, showing

New arrival into Hunslet – Brad Brennen (Nov 2014)

The director of rugby, Darren has confirmed that Brad Brennen from Batley bulldog will be joining us for a year. The former warrington wolves player had and impressive start as Bulldog. We Hunslet

Achurch joining the Hawks? 2013

With the captain and the leading players all hurt at the time of a crucial game, the director, Darren William, has brought in Mitch Achurch who has signed a dual registration. Achurch, who