All new structure for Hawks? 2014

pratcising of hunslet hawks

Simon Brown, the half back specialist from Halifax has been roped in to play for Hunslet Hawks. The intriguing fact about him is that he has not had a great track record, showing abysmal talent here and there. It could possibly be to the shifts which have been happening often. He was earlier with Sheffield Eagles, where his sprint was quite successful, taking him to quality player level. Then he moved to York and has played for Halifax then. Now that he has signed a contract with Hawks, he is expected to do really well. He has been almost a local, staying here and working here and likely to be a part of the community. The director of Hawks, Darren William, is extremely happy of recruiting Simon, he was quoted saying that players were constantly watched and once they knew Simon was available, they did not waste any time in contacting and signing a contract. With his form not being great, mentoring and coaching under John Eaton will bring the best of him.

Darren William, director, Hunslet Hawks rugby team, who is on a recruiting spree is all on rolls with another player, Brandon Conway, from Wakefield Trinity Wildcats. He has signed a contract with Hawks for a year. Conway, who plays three quarter, has always been a great player, good finisher and a strong ball carrier. The team is quite happy to have roped in a strong built player of the likes of Brandon. The team already has some great seasoned players and with decent sized Brandon playing along, we could expect some great games going forward.

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