Achurch joining the Hawks? 2013


With the captain and the leading players all hurt at the time of a crucial game, the director, Darren William, has brought in Mitch Achurch who has signed a dual registration. Achurch, who is 24 and a front/back row forward will be an asset to the game. The giant at 6’ 5“ and who almost weighs 16st 11 lb, has trained with his new team mates and is warming up for the game beautifully.

“Mitch who is a former Penrith Panther and having signed a 4 year deal with the Rhinos is a huge prospect. If included in the lead up to a big game it would definitely boost the other players in the club”, Darren William was quoted saying.

With senior players retiring from the game and the captain being hurt, and injuries in the team doubling, a new wave of enthusiasm has emerged among the squad with these players sprinting up. Jimmy Watson, Brad Singleton , Liam Hood, Jimmy Keinhorst , Mitch Achurch & Jamel Chisholm are some of the players contenting for the upcoming match for a few spots.

The older players could now avail a discount on season tickets for all the matches through the year, this offer definitely favours all the players who have once played for the club. All they have to do is generously offer their support to the team and they could bag this offer for all the home games.

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